Permaculture Resources

A long list of links for you to find out more about permaculture!


Permaculture organisations

The Permaculture Association of Great Britain – networking organisation, check out their course and events listings, map of permaculture demonstration sites, opportunities

London Permaculture Network – networking organisation running the London Permaculture Festival every year, sign up to their newsletter!

Brighton Permaculture Trust – offering a wide range of courses including the Permaculture Design Course, Permaculture Gardening, Forest Gardening, Care of Fruit Trees, lots of green building courses and great volunteer opportunities

Permaculture Research Institute – demonstration site in New South Wales, Australia, headed by Geoff and Nadia Lawton


Information about permaculture in action

The Permaculture Magazine – practical permaculture magazine with online archive and listings

Living with the Land Рshort videos about permaculture in action

Charles Dowding’s website with lots of information on no dig methods

Zaytuna Farm – video tour of the Permaculture Research Institute’s demonstration site with Geoff Lawton

Ridgedale Permaculture – video tour of permaculture farm in Sweden


Information about permaculture design

Formidable Vegetable Sound System – excellent permaculture songs

Permaculture Principles website from David Holmgren, founder of permaculture

Mollison’s Designer’s Manual in a nutshell from Geoff Lawton – series of videos


Other key resources

Agroforestry Research Trust from Martin Crawford – forest garden information, courses, plant sales and publications

Vandana Shiva – earth activist on who really feeds the world