Permaculture Design Course

The Permaculture Design Course is THE permaculture course. After this course you can call yourself a permaculture designer!

The PDC follows the core curriculum developed by Bill Mollison, permaculture co-founder. This course offers you the opportunity to develop your skills in permaculture design, see sustainable projects in action and develop your own projects.

This course covers:

  • permaculture ethics and principles
  • permaculture design tools
  • developing observation skills
  • energy generation: the energy industry, home energy solutions and community energy generation
  • visits to local permaculture projects
  • home garden design and broadscale design
  • developing permaculture in your life
  • a design project.

The course opens with a weekend introducing permaculture and setting ourselves up on the course, including exploring our permaculture connections and reviewing the key thinking and tools of permaculture. This weekend and throughout we will develop observation skills as a foundation for connection with place and good design. Each day is themed and includes an introduction, going into more depth and into practice with case studies, design activities and visits to local projects. Learning is through hearing about different projects, trying out permaculture design and reflecting on your experiences. A key part of the course is a main design project with support throughout the course.

After this course, there are many options to continue with permaculture: staying in touch with us, connecting with local projects, starting your own, applying permaculture in your life! A further education option is the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design.


Upcoming Courses with Brighton Permaculture Trust

Permaculture Design Course starting February 2019 over several weekend dates with the team at Brighton Permaculture Trust.

You are required to have attended an Introduction to Permaculture course before this joining this course.


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