Introduction to Permaculture

Permaculture: a design toolbox that gets you from idea to positive action.

What is permaculture?

It’s a design toolbox that gets you from idea to positive action. Permaculture supports you in changing your life and work to become more sustainable, in connection with nature and caring for yourself and others. Permaculture is about observing how nature works and using these principles as our guidelines in our gardens, our home, for sustainable land management, for businesses and organisations, in our communities and even for personal development.

The Introduction to Permaculture is a weekend course giving you an overview of permaculture, its key design tools, case studies of permaculture people and places and some practical activities. You have the opportunity to try out permaculture design tools on a project of your choice: here you will have design support and go away with your first permaculture design. After this course, you are ready to get started in permaculture!

What will the course cover:

  • permaculture design thinking
  • the history of permaculture
  • permaculture ethics and principles
  • key permaculture design tools
  • case study permaculture designs
  • examples of permaculture in action, both land-based and people-based
  • a practice design activity
  • practical activities
  • and you will have the opportunity to go into more depth with your own interests and projects.

The Introduction to Permaculture will give you the tools you need to start designing with nature’s principles. It is a stand-alone course as well as a good foundation course for the full Permaculture Design Course (a 72-hour course certified by the Permaculture Association of Great Britain).



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