Home garden design

design portfolio

This was one of my first designs: our home garden! We started small and slow beginning with a design for the back garden, continuing to observe and interact with the space for a year and then designed for the whole garden. This was a great family project: the whole family was involved in the design process from the visioning and survey stage, to making design decisions, through to implementation and now maintaining the garden and enjoying the benefits. Our vision was for a garden abundant with vegetables, herbs, fruit, flowers and wildlife; a space to learn, relax and eat together as a family and with others. We designed different area as plant communities with different themes: one for the kitchen with veg and herbs, several around fruit trees with fruit bushes and herbs as companions, herb borders for harvesting, bees, insects and passersby and a wildlife zone with a pond. As the garden matures, we are growing with it, gaining more experience in working with the garden, studying plants and harvesting more and more fruit!