Bespoke Courses and Workshops

Permaculture can be taught in a variety of ways and can be applied to many different things, not just gardening!

Permaculture courses and workshops:

  • Introducing permaculture as a design system based on nature’s principles
  • Introducing permaculture through case studies of permaculture projects
  • Introducing permaculture through a participatory design activity of your choice
  • Introducing permaculture through a practical activity, such as creating a no dig vegetable bed.

Permaculture design can be effectively applied to:

  • Personal projects, for example dietary planning, green living, personal development and change, and right livelihood
  • No dig garden systems
  • Forest gardening
  • Sustainable and ecological land management
  • Community growing projects
  • Community living
  • Regional planning
  • Ethical and transition business
  • Social change
  • And much more!

See below for two example weekend programmes.

Please contact me to discuss your training needs. We will arrange a consultation and I will send you a proposal. Delivery and consultation can take place at your venue or a suitable external venue.


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