Working together

Successful organisations build networks and build connections between people and place

So often we find we have lost connection to ourselves, between each other, with our work, with our environment. Regaining our understanding of connection and how it can work for us is an important part of permaculture. Permaculture is draws on the traditional wisdom of communities and societies that lived in harmony and sustainably with nature, as well as holistic thinking disciplines which recognise the earth and the energies which drive its processes as an integrated systems.

There is a brilliant network of permaculture practitioners in the UK. Headed up by the Permaculture Association, you will find lots of info on how to connect and learn more about permaculture. A great way to connect is visit a permaculture site in your area: LAND network. The Transition Network is also a great way connect with people taking positive, local action to live more sustainably.

Below are some images of the permaculture people and places I work with and/or inspire me and hopefully will inspire you!

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