What is Permaculture?

Permaculture draws on the observation of nature and traditional wisdom. It is a way of designing our environments – gardens, homes, work places, organisations, communities, energy systems – by acknowledging the intelligence of natural systems and working with them. Three key ethics – earth care, people care and fair shares – are at the core of all design decisions. Principles drawn from the way nature works inform all stages of the design process, from initial surveying through to design and implementation.



My Experience

Chloe Anthony

Chloe Anthony
I am a permaculture designer and teacher, and passionate about design, edible gardens, community living and sustainable organisations. I was introduced to permaculture through Transition Town Lewes and did my Permaculture Design Course in London in 2008. I have been working with Brighton Permaculture Trust since 2011, first on their Trainee Teacher Scheme and then as convenor and tutor for the Introduction to Permaculture and the Permaculture Design Course. I completed my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2014, including designs for my home garden, community growing projects, teacher training and community living. I am a tutor for the Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design offering personal tutorials, design support and assessment. I live near Forest Row/East Grinstead on a smallholding with my partner and two children.

What people say

Lucy Jameson

Your weekend course was the perfect introduction to permaculture. Accessible, warm, fun, informative and diverse, it has given me a firm grounding in the principles and application of this fantastic approach, and the confidence to launch into my own projects. I feel inspired, supported and re-energised. Thank you so much!

Ben Gardiner

Thank you for your enthusiasm and passion!

Laura Whitely

Throughout the course you have driven us all, kept us going and kept me so inspired. Thank you for everything!

Hew Faro

Thank you loads for your humbleness and calm teachings.

Fran Osbourne

Thank you for showing us such dedication and patience. You have been a great teacher.

Nuriana Hashim

I've done design exercises in my undergraduate, but Chloe has guided us through design process and tool application so clearly that I wished I met her earlier in life! She took us through permaculture ethics and principle whilst walking along the edge of the woodland, how wonderful was that. I learned the benefits of un-themed observation, and also enjoyed my 'classmates' who come from various backgrounds but also have a lot in common. Most importantly, Chloe gave me confidence for taking further steps in permaculture (because I was worried of knowing absolutely nothing about regenerative living). Thank you!

Lila Schwair

The weekend course "Introduction to Permaculture" with Chloe Anthony was excellent. Not only did we learn a lot about the subject as we had the opportunity to develop a project of our own interest with the tools we have been taught. I highly recommend Chloe for her expertise, good sense of humour and great way of teaching this complex and fascinating subject.

Katja Rothe

I would recommend your course to everybody that might be even just slightly interested in the topic or that is looking for holistical solutions for the urging problems of today’s society.

Louise Ferris

I loved meeting such different and inspiring people. I really loved the practical nature of the course - learning all the principles and theories initially and then very quickly putting them into practice with something real.